Myth Busting: Nurture and Nature – The Voice of The Mother

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Myth Busting: Nurture and Nature – The Voice of The Mother


Listen to me. I am The Empress. The Mother. The Anima and I have come to talk with you about my work. And the work of others like me. I have come to dispel the false myth I have fought against for so long. One so deeply ingrained that you may not know of its insidious message. Or how it disempowers the powerful. I have come to gift you with my ancient wisdom. I have come to break you free.


There has long been a delusion about the true art of Nurture. For too long it has been given blurred edges. It has been packaged in fluffy blankets of trite sentimentality. In an effort to devalue its importance they have made it appear soft and syrupy. To diminish its power they have made it seem comfortable and basic. They have down-graded the skilled craft of cultivation to basic labour. Free labour. They have spritzed it with saccharine sweetness and air-brushed away its keen and harsh contours in order to make it look silky soft. Painless. Easy. The practice of nurture has been reduced to images of laden fruit-trees, spouting seedlings and soft-focus mothers gazing lovingly at their pristine newborns.


But don’t be fooled!


I will no longer allow them to demean my gift. My talent. My craft. I will no longer allow them to disparage those who nourish and enrich. Those who cherish and safeguard. Those who nurture.

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