The Potency of the Serpent: The Power in Unravelling

Hygeia by Klimt.jpg
Image: Hygeia – Detail of ‘Medicine’ – Gustav Klimt

The Potency of the Serpent: The Power in Unravelling

A serpent rests within each one of us, deep down. Coiled. A primordial spiral of energy that is ready to rise, ready to strike! She resides in the dark, her eyes bright. Glimmering, even as she sleeps. And she is poised and patient, she will wait for as long as it takes. Days, weeks, years…millennia! She is the guardian of the unconscious and when at last she uncoils, that which is unknown will become known. When at last she raises her head, there will be revelations! Truths will be uncovered and lies will fall away.

But not until the snake has awoken and unravelled. Not until she has unfurled from her position deep within the unconscious. Not until she is ready – until we are ready! And so she lies in a state of pre-contemplation.

A place of deep slumber.

First must come the moment of collapse. A moment of crisis when the false truths we have held on to – have gripped on to for safety – are found to be nothing but empty lies. Pleasant falsehoods. Flimsy deceptions. A time when we are flooded with feelings of defeat and of failure. Of grief! For we have loved the old beliefs and all their familiarity. We have nurtured them. We have fought to protect the comfortable lies we held close to us. We knew them as dear friends.

It is within these moments of crisis that the snake is awoken…
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