The Quickening Times: How to Bring back Magic

4 elements
Art by Sue Wookey

The Quickening Times: How to Bring back Magic

These are uncertain times. Precarious and insecure. But I ask, is it fear and trouble we are experiencing or have we encountering ‘The Quickening’? That small but significant flicker, which heralds the start. The quiver that signals something grows within us. Something profound. Something magic.

It has been all too easy to lose it. Our spark. Our magic.

The mundanities and comforts of everyday life have pulled many of us further and further away from practices that bring magic close. Our wings have been clipped. Our eyes closed. Our senses dulled. How comfortable we have become with our high walls and our banal dreams. With our warm homes and our pleasant possessions. How tame we have grown. How subdued. And yet our ease has caused us to forget. We have removed ourselves from the primal force. Our root. It is too messy and inconvenient. It is too chaotic and too vulgar.

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