In the Beginning: The Journey of the Feminine Fool


Image: Psyche by Holly Sierra

In the Beginning: The Journey of the Feminine Fool


Know thyself. The Maiden within. The Fool on her rebel’s journey.


A being of fire and flame. Of newly ignited passions. The Mistress of ideas. Know her and she will serve you well. And she has her own story. A story that we all should know. A tale that we all must remember, for she is the progeny of worlds.


Once upon a time, in the depths of a Cosmic Winter, The Fool slept. Yet, though she may have slumbered she did not rest – for within her dreams was the Divine Spark. Even in her dormant state she forged the hot sun and the bright moon. The dazzling stars and the blazing planets. Light and dark. Day and night. Colour and shade. A cosmic dreamscape designed within the endless oceans of time.


And then the Fool awoke. And then she breathed.


In the beginning…


She opened her mouth and sighed. And from her lungs came forth those first sweet breaths. She inhaled. When The Fool inhaled she created the winds of the north and the south. She exhaled. When The Fool exhaled she beget the winds of the east and the west. Upon each gasp were waves of consciousness. They blew across the landscapes, shaping them. And upon her atmospheric breath rode the rhythms of life. The patterns and cycles of the seasons. The sequence of weathers and climates.


It had begun. The Fool’s journey….
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